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Privacy Policy

1. Yamamoto Keiki MFG.Co.,Ltd. sets the regulations about the handling of information that identify the certain individual (personal information) and develop an organization control to ensure its proper control.
2. When we collect personal information from customers, we clarify the purpose of collection and inform our teller.
3. We use the personal information within a scope of collection and handle in the proper manner. And we don't disclose personal information to the third parties without permit of customers unless there is a special reason.
4. We store and control personal information accurately and safely. We implements necessary IT security measures to prevent the unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, alteration or reveal.
5. We control and supervise the contractors appropriately, when we make available personal information to them.
6. We handle strictly the personal information that we receive from outside company and use it within the scope of agreement.
7. If you wish to confirm or modify your personal information collected by us, please contact us. We will cope with your request as soon as reasonably possible.
8. We comply with the laws and regulations in Japan with regard to handling of personal information and carry on and improve the above activities.